STRATEGY 2016–2020

At a meeting held in February 2016, SRV's Board of Directors approved SRV's strategic financial objectives and updated vision and three strategic objectives, as well as six strategic development programmes for the period of 2016–2020, that will ensure the achievement of SRV's vision by 2020. SRV's updated vision: SRV creates the best customer experience as a constructor of urban town centres. This vision will be achieved when three strategic objectives have been realised: The best profitability in our industry, The best customer experience in our industry, and The most attractive employer in our industry. The strategy is based on SRV's five values: Sustainability, Enthusiasm at work, Courage in development, Result driven and Open collaboration.

In addition to implementing the strategy, SRV’s strategic efforts in 2016 will focus on improving profitability, creating a superior customer experience, and developing reporting and the sustainability operating model.

SRV’s strategy process was implemented in close collaboration with the company’s Board of Directors, Corporate Executive Team and the Segment management teams, and with the participation of other key individuals from different levels of the organisation. The updated strategy is for the 2016–2020 period.

SRV strategy