Megatrends and success factors

People have become accustomed to recognising the fast, even very subtle, changes that are constantly happening around them. But, we are also able to cope with more extensive changes in the background, changes that are revolutionising our entire way of living, like changes in the global economy, continuous urbanisation and technology’s increasing role in our daily lives.

SRV Dynamics and megatrends

The significance of communality, ecology and well-being are growing, as we are living healthier and longer lives. With the way of working and consuming constantly changing, new growth is based on services. At the same time, the ageing population and rising prosperity are contributing to the increased demand for trade and services. Buying behaviour and the way people work are changing. We buy more products online, and we want them delivered directly to our homes. A permanent work site is becoming increasingly rare. Work is being done from home, at a cafe, at a summer cottage or in a new kind of co-work premises. In urban centres, there is a clear need for big complexes that combine infrastructure, shopping, services and housing. This is exactly what SRV is implementing with its REDI project.

General economic development and changes in society are fuelling migration and urbanisation. For SRV, the most significant of the megatrends is urbanisation. It impacts our operations today, tomorrow, and far into the future. The number of people living in the Helsinki metropolitan area is predicted to increase by 10-15 per cent during the coming 25 years. According to the most liberal predictions, three quarters of the world’s people will live in cities by 2050.

The increased prosperity is clearly visible in the structure of consumer spending. There is more money available for leisure and recreation. People want and need more services.

All of these success factors and megatrends have an influence on the kind of company SRV aspires to be in 2020, on what our operating environment will be like in the future, and above all, on what our customers, shareholders and stakeholders will expect and require from us.