SRV Kalasatama

SRV in brief

SRV is a leader in the development, commercialisation and building of innovative construction projects.

We seek long-term profitable growth in business premises and housing construction in Finland’s developing urban centres, close to good transport links, particularly rail traffic routes. Our business focus is in Finland. Additionally, we implement profitable shopping centre projects in Moscow and St. Petersburg, Russia.

We offer refined concepts and insightful new solutions to meet the needs of our customers. Our operating model is based on innovative project development and effective project management. The SRV Approach ensures transparent collaboration between all parties and a high-quality end result.

  • SRV Group Plc was founded in 1987
  • The company’s share is quoted on the NASDAQ OMX Helsinki
  • Revenue EUR 719 million; number of employees about 1,000
  • The company operates in selected growth centres in Finland, Russia and Estonia

Unique operating model

SRV has introduced a large scale project management model to Finland, which has become one of the most adopted approaches to construction projects in Finland. The operating model enables SRV to create the best project-specific organisation to ensure efficient and high-quality implementation of the projects. This approach gives SRV’s cost structure more resilience to economic fluctuations.

We apply the SRV Approach in business premises projects, apartment block projects for everyday living, attractive shopping centres and comprehensive area development projects, including earth and rock construction, as well as special projects, such as hospitals and public works.