Case REDI 1


REDI – A city within a city

SRV’s REDI, the complex under construction in the Kalasatama district of Helsinki, is Finland’s largest, and SRV’s largest ever urban construction project. REDI will consist of six residential towers, a hotel tower, an office tower, and a shopping and lifestyle centre. The highest skyscraper will top out at 132 metres. 

A major project of special construction

The REDI project started in April 2015 with the construction of the shopping centre and parking facility; construction of the first residential tower is planned to begin in 2016.

The construction engineering of the project is demanding and the project is unprecedented in Finland. 4D data modelling is used to manage the construction and planning. SRV developed the modelling to support the planning and construction projects and the collaboration between the different parties. In fact, REDI is the biggest data modelling target in Finland. All data related to REDI and the surrounding area can be aggregated in the model, enabling a more precise timeline and higher quality site plans. This also ensures that metro traffic runs smoothly, since blasting work can be timed according to the metro schedule.

Indicative of the scale of the project is the fact that as many as 1,000 people will be working simultaneously at the site, and that 10,000 people will work at the site over the course of the entire construction period.

Workers are needed to operate heavy equipment, among other things; about 900,000 cubic meters of earth, equivalent to eight Finnish Parliament buildings, will be removed from the construction pit during the more than year-long excavation period.

As the construction advances, REDI will bring to Finland innovative equipment from around the world. A tower crane of 145 meters will be needed for the 132-metre high REDI residential towers.


REDI is a whole new way to live

The premise of REDI’s design is easier, more convenient everyday living. A health and wellbeing centre, also built by SVR, will be completed in the Kalasatama district in the second half of 2017. In combination with the REDI shopping centre, the area’s services will form a unique totality in Finland. The shopping centre will fully open in 2018, and the first residents will move in around the same time. The entire REDI area is planned to be completed by 2023.

SRV is actively involved in developing the future residential environment and lifestyle at REDI. The proportion of people living in urban areas in Finland is growing – families with children, single people and aging baby-boomers want to live in cities. REDI is responding to these different needs: the apartment units are designed for different phases of life, they are equipped in different ways, and a diverse range of services are available under the same roof.


Collaboration with residents and neighbours

Customer- and resident-oriented implementation plays a key role. Future residents and REDI neighbours were invited into the planning process from an early phase to discuss not only the needs for a new way to live, but also the many practical issues regarding the construction phase.

The service culture has been elevated to a new level by taking into consideration the latest trends in shopping patterns and working and digitalisation opportunities. The digital solutions at REDI will make life for the residents and for the property management easier in many ways – e.g. the REDI online resident portal is being developed to complement the lobby concierge service.