SRV Case Koivusaari


Koivusaari metro station: Finnish Site of the Year 2015 

Rakennuslehti magazine awarded SRV’s Koivusaari metro station management contracting project Site of the Year 2015. The project was launched in late 2013 and will be completed in spring 2016. The station is located below the seabed between Lauttasaari and Koivusaari. The metro station will serve both western Lauttasaari and a new area planned for Koivusaari consisting of around 4,000 residents and 2,000 new jobs.

Underground construction and water pressure as challenges

“Construction 30 metres below sea level as well as the tight timetable ensured that the project has been a real showcase for us. The challenging nature of the project makes the success of the work and the winning of the award even more satisfying. I believe innovativeness and excellent planning management decided the competition in our favour, thanks to the project management contract model,” explains Production Director Antti Raunemaa.

The jury commended the well-led production management of the contractually, and structurally-demanding project, in which both implementation planning and control were executed in an exemplary way and timetable challenges were overcome through innovative solutions, for example with an ingenious framework solution.

The main theme of the station is the sea and water. This is reflected in the advanced architecture, such as the roof, which resembles the shape of an overturned boat, and the wall and ceiling façade at the platform, which is shaped like the baleen of a whale. The station also boasts a 70-metre-long escalator, the longest in Finland.

SRV Koivusaari Länsimetro

SRV strongly involved in the West Metro project

The West Metro project is extending metro traffic westward in the Helsinki Metropolitan Area, adding a total of 13 new stations to the western line. The West Metro is a top project also in SRV's strategy.

In addition to Koivusaari, SRV is currently participating in the development of the Keilaniemi area, where the street and road construction phase started at the beginning of 2016. Ring Road I will be moved into an underground concrete tunnel and a green deck will be built above it. Four residential towers are also planned for Keilaniemi. When implemented, the Keilaniemi area will be tightly linked to Tapiola where SRV is currently constructing the Tapiola city centre.

Furthermore, in February 2016, SRV was chosen to implement Aalto University’s campus building as well as commercial premises of the Otaniemi metro station utilising the alliance model.

Also along the West Metro line, a shopping centre and two residential towers will be built at the Niittykumpu Metro Centre. SRV is responsible for planning, construction and leasing out the shopping centre, and will build one tower as a developer-contracted project, and the other for SATO. In total there will be 400 new homes. The shopping centre is expected to be open to visitors at the end of 2017.

The Kivenlahti Metro Centre, currently in the city planning phase, is a joint project of SRV and VVO which includes the metro station, a bus terminal and park & ride facility, a 1,200-unit residential block complex as well as office and commercial premises.

The Mårtensbro Skolan school area, located adjacent to Espoonlahti centre, is also in the project development phase and is part of the West Metro line.

Along the East Metro line, SRV is implementing the megaproject REDI in the Helsinki's Kalasatama district.